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A 'mild' allergy !?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

There is no such thing as having mild food allergies. People who have been informed that this is so have been sadly misinformed. If you have been prescribed Adrenaline pens by your physician it is even more imperative you do not think this way. Please bear in mind these points, which I use on my forums regularly now, and are backed up by many worldwide allergy agencies and discussed regularly at Allergy conferences.

1. Anaphylaxis cannot be predicted. 2. A previous reaction will not determine the next reaction 3. Avoid ‘ high risk’ restaurants eg: Indian & Chinese and please always declare your allergy wherever you eat out. Most good restaurants will have their Manager deal with the whole order. Do ask.

4. Please #alwayscarrytwo Adrenaline pens & do NOT hesitate to administer Adrenaline if you are in doubt. If the known allergy has been consumed/ or been exposed to then do not waste time with anti histamines as they will not halt Anaphylaxis. Administer AAI, dial 999 and administer the second pen if needed.

5. Familiarise yourself with all symptoms of Anaphylaxis as some reactions may differ and not all in involve hives and throat swelling

Please see the NHS link to Anaphylaxis and read the section on the symptoms of Anaphylaxis and how to treat Anaphylaxis

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