• Belly Goodness

Behind the Brand - Belly Goodness Sauces

Bellygoodness was created by mother and daughter nutritionists who run their own allergy and intolerance clinic in Essex, many of their patients suffering from gut disorders.

Gail and Francesca noticed that their patients were really missing ‘normal dinners’ in particular tomato based meals along with garlic and onion - ingredients which can irritate the gut and cause an imbalance. They started creating recipes that are tasty, full of flavour and more importantly using gut friendly all natural ingredients. All of their products are Nut & Peanut free and perfect for Low Fodmap diets.

Note from Nutfreeliving. We LOVE Belly Goodness, not just because they are from Essex too but because they are simply delicious and both the Nomato and Curry sauce have been a big hit with our customers. We will be stocking more of their range next month.

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