Angela waters - Nutfreeliving Marketplac

Angela Waters has lived with nut allergy in her family for 8 years following the diagnosis of a nut & peanut allergy for the eldest of her three daughters.

"Initially after experiencing Anaphylaxis following a lick of an ice cream containing nut (age 11) my fears for my daughter's future were spiralling out of control. I turned to nut and peanut allergy support forums and found it very reassuring to talk to other parents; parents experiencing the same fears; parents trying to navigate the daunting world of allergy."

As well as running support groups for those living with nut and peanut allergy Angela formed the Campaign for Two Adrenaline pens with two other allergy mums to highlight the importance of always carrying two emergency medicine pens #alwayscarrytwo

With Nut Free Living Marketplace she realised her dream to open a nut free shop and is presently growing the Online business as well as taking on the lease of a physical store unit in Chelmsford, Essex.


Nutfreeliving Marketplace sources and sells products with assurances that they are nut free, peanut free and free from 'may contain' statements.

Angela says, "We wanted to create an online shopping experience specifically for those living with the challenges of peanut and tree nut allergy and those who avoid may contain nut statement products. So often online retailers and supermarkets food search options for nut free are inadequate and poorly managed."

Nutfreeliving Marketplace proudly holds a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating from Essex County Council.

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