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Our Story

For the past decade, Angela Waters has been navigating the challenges of a nut allergy within her family, a journey that began with the diagnosis of a Tree Nut & Peanut allergy for her eldest daughter.

Initially, Angela grappled with overwhelming fears about her daughter's future when she experienced Anaphylaxis at the age of 11 after licking an ice cream containing nuts. Seeking solace and guidance, she turned to nut and peanut allergy support forums, finding comfort in conversations with fellow parents who shared similar concerns and were also navigating the intricate world of allergies.

In addition to her involvement in support groups for those dealing with nut and peanut allergies, Angela, along with two other allergy mums, founded the Campaign for Two Adrenaline Pens. This initiative aimed to emphasize the crucial practice of always carrying two emergency adrenaline pens, advocating for increased preparedness.

Until its closure in December 2023, Angela was the owner of Nutfreeliving Marketplace, an online food shop that offered inclusive food cupboard staples and confectionery.

Looking ahead to 2024, a new chapter unfolds as Angela prepares to launch a comprehensive website catering to those living with nut allergies. More details about this initiative are set to be unveiled in January.

Meet The Team

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